Since 2004, B-sting has been making silly comics based on pictures of his Transformers toys, excuse me, action-figures. The result can be seen on this site. Updated whenever (usually never).

Credit where it's due: B-sting's Transformer Photo Comics are heavily inspired by Wayward's InsectiComics.
PhoCo01: Where that trailer went
PhoCo02: TwinSpin
PhoCo03: My Old Friend
PhoCo04: Offside
PhoCo05: n00bs (1)
PhoCo06: n00bs (2)
PhoCo07: Thrust's Masterplan
PhoCo08: Battle of the Screamers
PhoCo09: Scavenger takes London
PhoCo10: Less Fortunate Times
PhoCo11: Disco Devastator
PhoCo12: Shelf Wars
PhoCo13: Drunken Monkey

Extra: Metroplex in Rotterdam